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From time immemorial, the lotus has been a symbol of the very best things in life: refinement, purity and beauty

In Indian art the flower has always represented heavenly comfort and spiritual enlightenment. Now, as a balm for our unquiet times, a new level of meaning has been added to these traditional ones.

The Lotus, a houseboat of unequalled elegance and style, offers you serenity and healing relaxation while cruising through the languid backwaters of Malabar, the undiscovered jewel of northern Kerala.


Sukoon has been created as a haven where you can relax, revitalise and take stock of your life’s journey.
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Neeleshwar Hermitage is a hidden tropical retreat in northern Kerala beside the Arabian Sea, this is one of India's finest gems.

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"Around the shore coconut palms leaned gracefully over the water and on a branch of one of them sat a kingfisher with orange breast and brilliant turquoise wings...
...its long strong beak seeming almost
out of proportion with the neat little body"