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Important Information

As stewards of the local land, we do all we can to create an eco-friendly environment

The Lotus operates a strict no-smoking policy, and mindful of any potential pollution in Kerala, we also have an eco-friendly ‘no-plastic’ rule.

Safe and pure drinking water is supplied from the latest ‘reverse-osmosis’ purification system, rather than from indestructible plastic bottles. No waste is discharged into the lake.

Boarding Information
Guests have the option of boarding The Lotus either from Sultan Canal (outside Kannur) or from Neeleshwar. For those arriving at Calicut airport or coming up from Kochi, we suggest you board The Lotus at Sultan Canal and reach The Hermitage refreshed and relaxed after a cruise of 1 or 2 nights.

Lotus Cruise Map

lotus map

"The lake was vast and tranquil
in the afternoon light,
its calm surface seemed
to stretch for ever